Sell & Trade

Sell or trade your gently used electronics fast, easy, and safely

How Does It Work?

Crackerz will pay cash for your gently used electronic devices. We take most smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.

If that old phone or computer is just gathering dust, sell it! Need some cash quickly? We can help!

Bring your device down to the store and we evaluate what it is worth in person. We will not give a price quote over the phone as the physical condition is a major factor of the value.

Some simple steps to ensure a quick transaction

  1. Charge the device fully before coming in
  2. Bring a valid Government issued photo ID (Driver’s License)
  3. Turn OFF Find My iPhone
  4. Perform a Factory Reset on the device to erase all your information

Sellers must be at least 18 years of age, carry valid photo ID and declare that the device is not lost or stolen. If the device is reported lost or stolen, your information and photo will be forwarded to the RCMP and you will be banned from the store.

Why Sell or Trade With Crackerz?

Safe and secure

Selling old gadgets and electronic devices such as tablets, iphones and computers is a quick, easy and convenient way to raise money and help the environment. However, the method used to sell may carry risks. Crackerz offers a safe and secure environment to sell your old device. Craigslist can be sketchy when meeting strangers in parking lots or at your family home. Let us take the risk out of selling your device

Fast and easy

We can have cash in your hand in minutes!


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Sell & Trade

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